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This website is dedicated to publishing all the information related to Pisco, which is a strong alcoholic drink (40-45% alcohol) and it's the national peruvian drink, the site offers a virtual store for buying it. On this site we publish its history, preparation, brands, producers, contacts and links, over 10 well known brands, multiple photos, and much more. We hope that you enjoy the website. There is also a spanish section, and we are working on translation this website into multiple languages.


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On this website you could find a valuable information about the real origin of this beverage, which comes from the port of Pisco, Peru, its origin site. Besides, we have a buy pisco section which consist on an online store where you can purchase the bottle you want.


Definition of Pisco: (from Quechua: pisqu, little bird) is a liquor distiled from grapes (a brandy) made in wine-producing regions of Peru, in Chile its called "chilean aguardiente" and it's the official name for that alcoholic beverage..

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Sales info: we ship worldwide at the time, our main market is USA, we have an automatic system, you may order up to 20 bottles with no problems. Please contact us for wholesale.


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PiscoMall is located in Lima, Peru, and we are open to any kind of suggestion, recommendation, question and corrections in any section of the website. Please, visit our contact section for more details. The manager is open for receiving e-mails from you

Here is a short description of each section:

  • Buy Online : On this section, you can buy our drink directly from this website, we have over 50 different drinks. (sorted by brand and kind of grape)
  • History : A complete and true history of pisco.
  • Production : Know how to prepare this drink step by step, photos included.
  • Properties : Chemical facts, here we talk about components and minerals, different kinds of grapes used to prepare it (different tastes), terrain properties, and so on.
  • Recipes : The most famous is pisco sour, a national tasty drink from Peru.
  • Links : Different links and a short history about the brands and producers in our country. If you are interested on links interchange, please send me a message in the contact us section..
  • Contact Us : Please, be in touch with us by sending us a form, easy and fast.
  • FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions and its answers.

"There is no such definition of peruvian Pisco, because this drink solely pertains to Peru".

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