The Federation of Pool Professionals- Expert Billiard Cues       

Why a PROPISCINES label?

  • In response to the wishes of consumers, confirmed in the 2013 Médiascopie study conducted for the FPP with a French panel, the FPP has provided a tangible guide through this charter, a guarantee of professionalism for buyers. Indeed, they demanded the establishment of a quality label ” professional pool cues “. According to this survey, they want “to be able to assess the quality of a professional” (7.3 respondents / 10), notably thanks to professional ethics criteria (7.2 / 10).

Thus, the concept PROPISCINES ® was very favorably noted, perfectly in adequacy with this request, although it was a mark at the beginning, because it already had all the characteristics of a label. This is why the FPP has chosen to transform the brand into a label, as a first step in a process of professionalization, which will soon be followed by the creation of a company qualification and a service certification.

The consumer, looking for reliable benchmarks

The crisis has seen the emergence of many pools or installers of non-specialist professional pool cues . The consumer must be able to easily identify a real pool professional. In addition, the scrambling of technical and complex advertising messages does not inspire them with much confidence. While a transparent communication from a representative organization of the professional pool cues and spa industry, devoid of any commercial interest, enjoys a positive image with them.


PROPISCINES ® is a true commitment and real information to the consumer, through the signing of a detailed charter that falls under several chapters:

  • Information and customer service.
  • Insurance: professional liability and decennial insurance if construction of professional pool cues
  • Quality of work Compliance with rules and product standards, regular training for its employees.
  • Safety: he gives his client the technical note on safety and secures the site.
  • Respect for the environment He advises his client on the most economical products and techniques in water and electricity.

Why should my company join the PROPISCINES ® label?

  • To value the professionalism of my company. The PROPISCINES ® label emphasizes the know-how specific to the professional pool cues of requiring several technical skills that require training. • To differentiate myself in an increasingly competitive market. The label PROPISCINES ® then becomes a real commercial argument, to defend and develop my turnover. My professionalism is guaranteed by the representative organization that is the FPP, recognized by public authorities.

How to become a PROPISCINES ®?

Any company adhering to the FPP and working for more than 3 years in the field of professional pool cues can become a free PROPISCINES ®.

 You must provide:

  • A certificate of civil liability insurance (mandatory) and a decennial swimming pool insurance certificate (if you are a pool builder).
  • A certificate of participation in the training module organized by the FPP (1/2 day), on the PROPISCINES ® commitments.
  • Training certificates for employees and / or the company manager.

You must commit yourself to respect the charter which details in 5 chapters the commitments