Guide To Cheap Car Rental: Tourism, Utility, Sport

Finance the cost of a car rental

For one reason or another, you need to know the cost of a car rental in order to finance it. With an idea about the type of car to rent, a budget to allocate for renting and an internet connection, it is possible to achieve good financing.

Canadian Driving Tips

Before leaving for Canada , it is necessary to know some useful information for the driving of a car on the territory cheap rent a car First of all, if you stay less than 6 months, you can use your national permit, otherwise you will need an international permit.


Apex Car Rental: car rental in New Zealand

Apex Car Rental is one of the local rental companies recommended by Lonely Planet New Zealand.

Driving Tips in New Zealand

An independent trip to New Zealand almost always passes by the car. Indeed, in this very large country, public transport is not very developed and the backpacker can quickly find himself stuck, slowed down, stopped if he has no car. Obviously, we do not bring his car with you when you enter New Zealand. You have to go through the rental box. Here are some driving tips in Kiwi country.

Rent or buy your vehicle: where are we?

The eternal question that – one would almost dare to say – exists since the invention of the rental of vehicle, cheap rent a car constantly to tap the one who wants to enjoy all the comfort of autonomous travel, but the best human, temporal, financial and according to the uses of his time. How to make the right choice ? What are the determining criteria?

Should we repair the rental car in case of damage?

A rental agency offers its customers vehicles in perfect condition, depending on the brand desired by the customer. However, the renter may have to repair the rental car because it may have been damaged. The rental agreement may mention the procedures to be followed in the event of such a situation, as well as the repair costs. This is why it is advisable to read the contract carefully before signing. Underwriting basic insurance must be a priority.

The principle

In general, a rental agency offers its customer a car or a commercial vehicle in good condition, and therefore free of defects. During the rental period, it will be responsible for repairing the rental car in case of problems. He will be primarily responsible for any damage, unless he has concrete evidence of discharge.


Among the repairs to be carried out, mention may be made of routine maintenance such as verifying the oil and water level, that of the tire pressure, etc. In the event of the car not working properly, it may request the replacement. of the vehicle. This option is especially valid for commercial cars.

In the event of a breakdown, it is advisable not to proceed with the troubleshooting until you have consulted the rental agency. The procedures to be performed are usually mentioned in the rental agreement. When the agency is not reachable, the customer can repair the car and ask for reimbursement of the expenses.


It is necessary to take out basic insurance when renting a vehicle, its cost will be included in the rental contract. It is a compulsory third party liability insurance for personal injury or property damage caused to a third party, such as a pedestrian or other motorist. Added to this is the damage caused to passengers considered as third parties.

The basic insurance doesnot cover the damage to the rented car and the driver’s injuries. However, the damage caused to the vehicle may be affected if a deductible ranging from 10,000 to 75,000 euros is applied, depending on the category of the vehicle.


In case of accident, the one who takes rental will pay the amount of the deductible and the insurance will only cover the exceeding of the invoice. To reduce the amount of this deductible, it is possible to purchase optional insurance.

Repair the damage yourself.

Repair cost

The expenses to be made to repair the rental car depend on what is mentioned in the rental agreement. In some cases, the client must indemnify the agency in full. The full amount of the repairs will be at his expense, and he may be liable for the value of the damaged or stolen vehicle.

When the cost of repairing the vehicle is less than the cost of the franchise, the hirer will only pay the amount of the repair. Note that can be added the application fees and those of immobilization of the car.

Note that you can often repair the damage you are causing. A small scratch? Buy nail polish in a shop and cover (by day to avoid any difference of shade) the trace. A broken mirror. Order on with express delivery. A damaged tire? Go on Oxyo (tire purchase, quite cheap, even on expensive tires like 4X4 tires).