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1) E. Rojas / GB

Lo felicito por la iniciativa de vender Pisco usando técnicas modernas como el e-commerce. Veo que cuenta con una buena variedad de piscos peruanos. La página es muy buena. Saludos.


2) A. Hull / USA

We were extremely pleased with the Pisco.. We served Algarrobina Cocktails, which were delicious, and also used this drink in our dessert course, which was Chimbo Eggs. It, too, was delicious.


3) T. Hasty / USA

Biondy Pisco is a very fine quality! Regards.


4) T. Chavez / USA

The 'Acholado' and especially the 'Don Santiago' are extremely superb liquors. We had many people enjoy the great flavor of SQ Pisco especially in mixed drinks. The blend is consistance with many popular cocktails.



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