Security Film for Business – Commercial Window Tint

The 3M Ultra S800 security film consists of a superposition of transparent polyester film layers. The high tensile strength, breaking strength and elongation at break, in addition to its leading position in the market for tear resistance (Graves tear), greatly increase the resistance of the glazing system to the impact.

All major government institutions, companies located in ATEX zone perimeters, and all buildings presenting a high risk by their nature, activity, or geographical location are likely to be equipped with ULTRA S800 film Commercial Window Tint.

The film ULTRA S800 is part of the reduction of the impact of an explosion, whether accidental, industrial or terrorist.

The 3M Ultra S800 security film is designed to be applied to the inside of windows. It consists of a layer of clear, weather-resistant polyester films with a scratch-resistant surface and a strong acrylic adhesive. An adhesive of higher power also gives it a leading position on the holding performance of the glass fragments on the film.

The 3M Ultra S800 security Commercial Window Tint has been approved according to EN 12600 (pendulum impact test). It meets class 1B1 on float glass of 4 and 6 mm

Thickness. The film is also rated fire rated Class A, according to ASTM E84.

Spray soapy water on the glass. Feel free to be generous, the soapy water helps keep the film in place before it is laid.

Plate the film upside down on the wet pane: adhesive side toward you.

Peel off the protective film from the adhesive side.

Gradually, spray soapy water on the adhesive side exposed.

urn over and apply the adhesive side film to the glazing.

Take the time to position it by sliding it on the wet glass: the Commercial Window Tint should be centered so that the edges protrude slightly from the glass.

Spray soapy water on the film thus positioned: this will facilitate the masking with the squeegee.

With the squeegee or plastic scraper, wrap the safety film from the center outward, starting at the top , to flush out soapy water and air bubbles. Hold the film with the other hand to prevent it from moving as the scraper passes.

Marble until the air bubbles completely disappear.

Cut the Commercial Window Tint using the ruler and the cutter, leaving a margin of 2 mm between the glass and the frame .

If you still detect air bubbles, rub one last time: once dry it will be impossible to remove them!

Wipe off the remaining soapy water with paper towel or a lint-free cloth.

This standard safety film for IFS HACCP (EN12600 standard glass risk) and BRC prevents glass splinters, reduces projections by retaining the pieces of glass glued to the film, to delay break-ins.

Totally transparent, this glass security film can also receive a solar treatment that allows it to have a dual application: sun protection and security.

Novelty certified IFS certification: the 4 Mil clear anti-bacterial. With 99.9% of bacteria destroyed on the surface of the film, sensitive areas (hospital, retirement home

The reasons for installing a solar film for buildings in Brittany are numerous, indeed the solar films for building constitute an important innovation in the treatment of glazing for the buildings of public and private companies with large glazed surfaces.

It is also for these buildings an ecological solution and very efficient in terms of solar ray management.

Indeed, solar films return the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. A shade seems to be minimal but fundamental compared to normal windows.