How to Get a High Mortgage (Definition)? – Apply for Mortgages Online

A mortgage statement is a document summarizing the mortgage status of a property owned by a landlord.

It is a mortgage state of a real estate asset at a given moment: it contains all the useful data on knowledge of real estate.

He is available from the Land Registry Department – the former home loan company Conservation – or from his notary.

Via the consultation of this service at your local level, dependent on the tax administration, it will be possible to obtain information and real estate information such as:

The precise identities of real estate owners over a long period,

Successive prices of real estate assets sold and resold,

The different properties of an owner,

The form of ownership – inheritance, donation … -,

Different easements, mortgages, seizure orders, judgments, foreclosures, etc.

From now on, it is possible to take the steps online by obtaining documents and copies of documents via the filling of forms and digital administrative slips on the website of the government and the Ministry of Public Finance www.impĂ´

For a mortgage statement, you will need to download Cerda 3233 SD. This operation is free.

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More: A real estate investment is a heavy project in terms of budget and long-term commitment. To avoid the legal or financial difficulties associated with an acquisition of a real estate asset, it would be useful to carry out the minimum actions of verification and control on the sellers owners, on the real state of real estate – buildings, houses, apartments, commercial premises … -, on the real estate market (overvalued or undervalued), on the interest rates of the moment, on the economic situation etc.

Mortgaged real estate is an asset under mortgage guarantee or real estate that is mortgaged.

A creditor has a real estate security interest in a hypothecated property.

If the debtor, the owner of the encumbered property, does not repay his debts (credits or other claims) or does not fulfill the obligations of the mortgage contract, then the collateral may be seized by the mortgagee.

The creditor is often a bank that has granted a mortgage loan, a mortgage life loan, a mortgage loan repurchase or a rechargeable mortgage loan.

To lift the mortgage, the debtor must

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Repay all the debt to the creditor and then pay the mortgage waiver fee (unless you finish paying the credit until the end and then wait 2 years, read the definition of a release).

Plus : If a buyer wants to buy a property for sale – house, apartment, commercial or building – in all peace of mind, he will have to check the mortgage statement to control the following: the real identities of the owners, the home loan company s on them, historical owners, successive selling prices etc. The notary can perform this operation just as anyone can do it through the Land Registry Service of the department – affiliated with the local finance center / tax center -.

Be careful to analyze the overall asset situation and the consequences of the possible purchase in terms of personal finances and also human before any irremediable decision making: real price of the good, potentiality of the environment of the asset, repayment capacity of the borrower, interest rate charged by his bank, marital status and potential conflict etc..