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Here we have a collections of links related mainly to pisco liquor and other peruvian alcoholic beverages. If you want to be added here, please contact me.

1) Bodega Poblete

Bodega Poblete was founded in 1918 and they are one of the oldest Pisco companies in Peru. Today they produce a long variety of Pisco, wines and champagne.

2) E. Copello

E.Copello has great vineyards located in the Chillon river valley 30 Km. to the north of Lima, where the finest grapes are cultivated with effort and careful, the same are used in the elaboration of Wines and Piscos.

3) Gran Cruz

Nice brand. Pricey but good. Nice bottle designs.

4) Ocucaje

Ocucaje is one of the most prestigious and famous Pisco brand in Latin America, they produce Pisco and wines in major quantities. Ocucaje is delicious and its mainly used for preparing Pisco Sour what is the most famous peruvian beverage.

5) Santiago Queirolo

This is Santiago Queirolo's website, he is a great Pisco producer living in Peru. His industry is the most important in Peru and its one of the Latin America biggest ones. Check it out

6) Tabernero

Bodegas y Viñedos Tabernero was founded in 1897 in the Chincha Valley, Ica department, 200 Km. southfrom Lima, Peru main city. Nice brand, well known in Peru.

7) Tacama

Tacama is a Pisco and Wine brand located in Peru. They are also a major Pisco producer in Peru and there are several importers around the world who have tried the quality of this unique drink. For more details visit the site.

During the 80's of 19th. Century, important warehouses became established in Perú's Ica department; Viña Santa Isabel was one of them, involved in the wine business since 1885, after being founded by madam Isabel Dónola Martelli.

8) Viejo Tonel

Viejo Tonel means "Old Tonel" and is a great Pisco made in Peru which has many kinds of appearances, the reason is that is made from many kinds of differents grapes and different processes.



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