Mark Your Guests, Create A Unique Dish Service

This end of the year is the perfect time to receive and invite your loved ones to your home. Whether it’s just to have a coffee or share a meal, you will surely want to impress your guests.

Nothing more simple, instead of using your traditional white dinnerware set, showcase your dishes and drinks in fully personalized and original plates and Personalised Coffee Cup  You will certainly have nice remarks on these unique pieces.

Why create your own dish service?

Because it’s simple, fast and not expensive at all and you will have a nice unique service and design.

For my part I just wanted to create a coffee service but the technique is valid for any type of plates or dishes.

For the material you do not need much:

– Plates or Personalised Coffee Cup  of porcelain (or some ceramics whose case) of a solid color. In my case I took a white service because it was the cheapest. (1,50 € the Personalised Coffee Cupwith his small plate).

You can find this type of dishes everywhere and often supermarkets are good promotions.

– A marker for porcelain. You can find them in most creative and leisure stores and even in supermarkets. There are many colors, so make your choice according to the color of your dishes. I took a dark gray because I wanted something discreet but with a strong contrast to the white of my Personalised Coffee Cup

– And finally you have to use your oven to make your markings permanent and washable in hot water.

First stage :

You must shake your marker and press a few times to start and run the ink. Draw directly on your support the patterns you want. I advise you to choose a simple enough pattern so that it is not too complicated to redo it. In any case if you want to erase and start your creation you just need to spend a wet sponge within 5 minutes and start again.

If you do not have too much inspiration you can also ask your children to help you. It will be a nice activity for them and very often their creations can surprise you.

Second step :

Once your creations are finished it will be necessary to leave to dry in the open air during 24 hours. And the next day you have to place all your parts in the oven for 35 min at 150 ° C. After that your parts can go to the dishwasher without any risk.

Third step :

All you have to do is wash your parts to make sure they are clean before using them.

And now you just have to present your dishes and impress your guests!