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1.- Do drinking products have any kind of sanitary authorization, certificate or license issued by local government or local country?

* Every single drinking product have sanitary authorization issued by Ministerio de Agricultura (Departament of Agriculture) in Peru, all they are certified by PiscoMall.com as quality products. We do not sell products without Sanitary Authorization.


2.- What are drinking product made of?

* Pisco is made of natural grapes came through a distillation process. No artificial compounds .For more information, please go to producers info on the store section - click here or going to our properties section to see the major compounds.


3.- Do PiscoMall.com drinking products have expiration date?

* No, they have not. Pisco ages but not expires.


4.-What I need to do to keep pisco bottles in good conditions?

* Regular Temperature, from 0 to 40ºC (32 to 100ºF) and keep the bottles away from direct sunlight.


5.-What are the alcoholic degree of these pisco bottles?

* It depends on the pisco brand, but ranges from 35 to 45% alcoholic proof. It's a strong alcoholic beverage.


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