Property Inspections

Employees of the company Falcone Valuation can perform evaluation procedures in the shortest possible time thanks to the “interchangeability” method, when several employees work in parallel. Thus, the continuity of the process of assessing property of any type of complexity is achieved. All this facilitates the work of appraisers, and at the same time satisfies the needs of customers, since there is no delay or oversight with such a construction system. Several experts, if necessary, work with each other to pick up, not letting the general process stop.

The company” Appraiser “has been working on the valuation market since 1996.

More than 20 years of successful work experience allow us to confidently position ourselves as one of the leaders of the Tula region in the market of valuation services.

Currently, in the Firm “Appraiser” there are 5 certified experts in property valuation. Appraisers constantly improve their qualifications in a variety of seminars and conferences. Each appraiser has at his disposal all that is necessary for effective work.

During the work of the company’s specialists, extensive databases on all issues related to the valuation of property have been developed, monitoring and analysis of the state of real estate markets, vehicles, equipment and other property is constantly conducted.

Our assessment reports are constantly being improved and always meet all the requirements of the Federal Valuation Standards, which is confirmed by numerous positive expert opinions.

The Company has developed, implemented and operates a “Quality Assurance and Quality Assurance System for Providing Property and Property Rights Assessment Services,” which allows monitoring compliance with quality standards at all stages of work.

Considerable experience of our employees gained in working time, unconditional compliance with assessment standards and the availability of relevant data bases and analytical information allows Mr. Arantirovat our customer’s high quality assessment of all types of property.

The company owns its vehicles for the organization of property inspections.

The civil liability of LLC “Firm” Appraiser “is insured for 100 000 000 rubles in PJSC IC” Rosgosstrakh “. Our three appraisers have professional liability insured in PJSC IC “Rosgosstrakh” for 30,000,000 rubles. Two expert appraisers are members of the Association “SROO” ES “, three are members of LLC” ROO “.

For more than 13 years, the Firm’s experts have acted as forensic experts. In the Firm there are specialists who have an education in the field of “Judicial Financial and Economic Expertise”. More details about this activity can be found by clicking on the link to the “Expertise” page.

The company is accredited in many banks, for more on this can be found in the “Accreditation” page.

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We are always glad to render you a qualified service.

By evaluating any of your assets for various purposes, or acting as an expert in court. EVALUATION

Appraisers of the Moscow regional BTI determine the value of movable and immovable property, as well as business, with the preparation of the evaluation report.

Services can be ordered from the online services portal, at the MFC offices or send an application for, indicating in the subject line “For evaluation purposes”

Evaluation report:

  • in accordance with the current legislation.
  • The provision of the Evaluation Report is required when:
  • Challenging the cadastral value;
  • Transfer to pledge, incl. pledge of immovable property (mortgage);
  • Challenging the cadastral value

The cadastral value of the land plot is applied when calculating the land tax, the rent, the redemption value of the land plot in case of its redemption from state or municipal property.

The grounds for reviewing the results of determining the cadastral value are:

Unreliability of information about the land used to determine its cadastral value;

The establishment in respect of the land plot of its market value on the date on which its cadastral value was established.

The cadastral value can be disputed in the dispute resolution commission on the results of determining the cadastral value established under the territorial agency of Rosiest or in court.

If the cadastral value of the plot does not correspond to its market value, it can be challenged.


Evaluation of real estate for the purpose of collateral (mortgage) is mandatory when it is issued. In the formation of documentation for the bank, an evaluation report is required, containing information about the market and liquidation value of the property being valued.


For the purposes of entering into the inheritance on real estate objects, vehicles and shares. Taking into account the tax legislation, an assessment is made to determine the state fee for notarial actions with the preparation of an evaluation report.

You can order property valuation in the following ways:

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