Prophetic Evangelism – 5 Ideas to Beating Your Worry of Prophesying Over Strangers

I have been approaching strangers for about nine a long time with messages utilizing the 3 items of prophecy, phrase of expertise, word of knowledge, and prophecy. In all these 9 years, I have appear up with 5 Tips that will conquer your worry of working towards prophetic evangelism.

Suggestion 1 – Pray 1st.

The quite 1st thing that I do is that I question the Lord Jesus to go prior to me in the day and to direct me to the folks that He would like me to discuss to. This is not constantly just the people He wants me to speak prophetically to. I have a lot of approaches of witnessing and have experienced several a long time doing it. I have composed hundreds of articles and my articles are rather great at witnessing for themselves.

My prayers to fulfill the proper folks leads to the right folks to sit up coming to me on a practice that I can witness to.

It assists me know the people that God would like me to technique in a searching centre are the proper men and women.

Suggestion two – Allow the Lord show you who to speak to.

It is often a very good concern buster to know the person that the Lord Jesus is showing you by getting their skin glow a tiny bit a lot more than other peoples’ pores and skin. It is always a great point to see the folks that God would like you to speak to standing out from the relaxation of the individuals.

It does not get lengthy to get this present of currently being ready to determine the folks that the Lord desires you to talk to. When you have prayed for the Lord to open up up opportunities, you can be confident when a man or woman stands out that it is a man or woman that God would like you to discuss to.

Idea 3 – Say a rapid prayer to get over nerves.

Even now today right after performing countless numbers of prophetic words and phrases with strangers fear can still rise up in my coronary heart and I uncover it extremely beneficial to say a fast prayer and lay palms on my heart and question for the Lord Jesus’ peace. It is no excellent approaching a person hyperventilating.

Suggestion 4 – Request the Lord what the information is

A single quite very good way to relaxed nerves is to hear what the Lord is going to say to the individual that He desires you to method.

1 time the Lord wanted me to approach a quite attractive female with the prophetic items. It can occur anywhere at any time. This time the younger lady was so stunning I was too shy to approach her when the Lord Jesus told me to. The Lord Jesus asked me if the woman was basic to appear at, I would method her but seeing as she was so very good looking I would not. I replied yes that was the situation.

He then requested me if He could share with me the message that He experienced for the youthful female.

“Sure ok,” I said.

He mentioned, “Inform her that she has been praying for several years for one thing that she would like extremely a lot even so that is not what is very best for her. She thinks if she can bug me enough, like I said for individuals to do in the parable then I would response her prayer. Inform her that I don’t want what she needs in her daily life and that if she would just let go of that request I will shortly give her one thing a total whole lot much better.”

I went and advised the woman and she was happy that I informed her.

Tip 5 – Know that you only have to do what the Holy Spirit claims to do

Some men and women think that every effort in prophetic evangelism has to end with a conversion. This could occur a lot more if you have a stall in a place where people technique you. There is just way too considerably strain if a person thinks that they have to lead every person that they approach to give their lives to Jesus.

You only have to do what the Holy Spirit would like you to do. Most of the time in my daily life I have been planting seeds in peoples lives. Individuals are genuinely surprised that I know so much about their lifestyle and they are genuinely pleased when I deliver them a comforting information.

You also will have a good deal significantly less concern when you know you only have to do what the Holy Spirit would like you to do in each case.

I do not know if you have at any time stood at a Christian outreach to listen to some great music and experienced an above zealous Individual attempt and change you. They ask you if you are a Christian, and when you say sure, they continue to try and transform you or insult men and women by inquiring them do they converse in tongues.

This is exactly how you seem when you attempt and transform a man or woman when the Holy Spirit it not major it. Far better to depart a wonderful style in a person’s existence with a wonderful prophetic word than consider and do much more then God would like you to do.

Let me pray for you:


Direct these folks with your Spirit. In your Son’s title Jesus Christ, anoint these individuals with a new anointing. Guide these folks to an individual that can train them more about the 3 prophetic items and who can educate them how to do prophetic evangelism. Direct request prophecy by your Holy Spirit.

Father allow your Holy Spirit wax sturdy in this reader and if they can not get somebody to educate them in the prophetic presents, you give them the items Father correct now and use you Holy Spirit to train them how to wander in them and be effective. Father make them as effective as me and permit them get pleasure from performing it as much as I do.

Lord guide your individuals to You and far more of You. Guide them into prayer and into praise as they find Your experience and are loaded with Your want to reach the people in the entire world. Lord permit all these men and women who read this not only have the items manifest, but become stars in the prophetic.


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