10 Tips From the Dietician to Lose 3 Pounds, Quickly and WITH out Starving

No need to embark on a draconian Rapid Tone Diet to lose weight: just by re-balancing our eating habits, we can already lighten 3 kilos (almost) without moving a finger! Anne-Sophie Boulas, psychologist and dietician, gives us 10 tips to slim down without starving …

Tip # 1 to lose 3 pounds: do a little sport every day

This is a recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO): to stay healthy (and, incidentally, prevent unwanted pounds to settle) Rapid Tone Diet you must practice at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day . “I consider that it is more useful to make several small daily efforts rather than a big sport session a week,” adds Anne-Sophie Boulas.

The specialist advises us to walk as often as possible during the day: “for it to be effective, you have to walk at a fast pace, breathing through your mouth”. So leave your car in the garage … “If you want to refine more quickly, you can add a weekly sport session to your schedule:  Rapid Tone Diet choose endurance sports such as swimming or Pilates. ”

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Tip # 2 to lose 3 pounds: recognize satiety

Satiety is the sensation that occurs when you have eaten enough. “Train yourself to recognize satiety and stop eating when you feel it,” says Anne-Sophie Boulas. Thus, you will consume only the calories you need. To recognize satiety, it’s easy: “it’s when you do not feel any more pleasure in eating,” says the specialist.

Of course, to train to feel satiety, you have to eat slowly, sitting and (if possible) calm. “A meal must last at least 15 minutes – and you must be at the table, not in front of the TV! ”

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Tip # 3 to lose 3 pounds: prefer still water

“Water is the only essential drink! “Recalls Anne-Sophie Boulas. And as a reminder, a big glass of water = 0 Kcal. In Rapid Tone Diet contrast, 100 ml of multifruit juice = 50.7 Kcal and (worse) 100 ml of red, white or rosé wine = about 70 Kcal.

“Drink at least 1.5 L of water each day, especially if it is hot: good hydration is important because it allows the proper functioning of the body’s mechanisms (including those that make you lose weight) and this avoids water retention in the legs and face “adds the specialist.

Calorie chart: non-alcoholic drinks .

Tip # 4 to lose 3 pounds: do not feel guilty

You have devoured the cookie pack? Do not panic: according to the psychologist-dietician, guilt is the worst enemy of our silhouette: “when we feel guilty for having made a food gap, we will tend to over-react: we will go on a diet dry, with water and dry bread! However, this drastic reaction will generate frustration: after a week or two, we will get tired … and we will crack again. It’s a vicious circle, which leads us to grow bigger. ”

Conclusion? “Indulge yourself from time to time when you feel the need. And do not forget that a balanced weight loss is long-term: it’s not a small cookie that will ruin all your efforts! “