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Can I sell my Pisco products at PiscoMall.com?

Yes, please send us a mail to biz at piscomall.com or fill up the form in the contact us section. Your pisco brand needs to have a sanitary authorization regardless the country (we dont accept "aguardiente" from Chile).

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Sure we do, please send us a mail to biz at piscomall.com, call to our representative in Peru at 0051-1-4617548 (Representative: Nuve Lazarte) or fill up the form in the contact us section. Our representative will call you back and/or reply to your email/contact form to details depending on the country where the customer is as soon as possible. Additional photos, prices and more info will be send.

For wholesale we accept the same means of payment excepting Paypal / Online Payments.

Which country do you do NOT ship to?

We ship worldwide excepting Canada and other countries where is not allowed to send alcohol through P.O mail boxes. Our main market is USA and it is allowed to ship alcohol beverages there. For more information, please contact a Post Office Agency near you in your country. Usually customs duties does not apply up to 12-14 bottles depending on the country (to USA there are no limits because of Free Tradement Agreement with Peru). For Europe countries, please contact your customs offce prior to complete any order with us. Thank you.


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