The set of procedures for the assessment at this stage involves the implementation of contact with representatives of the appraisal company, one or those that you have chosen in advance. The first conversation can be held by phone. In this case, you will need to describe the current situation in general terms, tell you about the purposes for which the property will be assessed, what is the object of this procedure, be prepared to answer some questions that might be of interest to the appraiser talking to you. Do not hesitate to ask about everything in detail, paying particular attention to points of interest.


At this stage, the appraiser arrives at the object of work and proceeds to its work, conducting an inspection of the property. The customer here must provide the evaluator with the opportunity to thoroughly examine the property being assessed in all details. After that, the specialist takes the necessary photographs of the object and records, similar to the evaluation procedure protocol. Sometimes he may ask a few questions both to the customer and to the party that caused the damage if the evaluation is carried out after its application.

At the same time, an experienced specialist perfectly understands that the price of a property is made up not only of its quality characteristics, but also on the basis of what the current situation is in the current market. Evaluating real estate and various types of vehicles, attention is paid to what level of consumer demand, what is the price of similar property at the time of the conclusion of sales transactions and some other factors. For example, when evaluating stocks, the appraiser will need to analyze the state of the stock markets.

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After that, the results of the studies are sent to the evaluation report. This document is transferred to the customer of work. And he can independently dispose of him.

Property valuation in the division of marital property:


How is the assessment done?

What property is subject to valuation?

Who makes the assessment and how is it done?

Samples of documents

Questions and answers with the ability to ask a free question to a lawyer:

According to Article 38 of the Family Code, in the absence of an agreement between the husband and wife on the division of property, the distribution of this property is carried out in the order of the court, and the requirements of the husband or wife are required. When spouses go to court?

During the period of marriage (for example, if the spouse wants to donate a share of their property).

Termination of relations between spouses who are married.

After the dissolution of the marriage.

If the lender requires the division of the common property of the husband and wife for the subsequent recovery of the share of one spouse.

How is the assessment done?

Valuation of real objects should be based on objectivity, while at the time of consideration of the case in court such an assessment should be made. Sometimes participants in a trial deliberately understate or overestimate the price. A real example from judicial practice:

During the division of property, the court should be guided only by the market value of material objects. To determine this amount, a special evaluation expertise is carried out.

What property is subject to valuation?

In Art. 5. Of the law on appraisal activity, the following objects are highlighted:

Since the evaluation procedure is associated with certain monetary costs, it is recommended to subject it to only really valuable and expensive things. With regard to household appliances and furniture, it is recommended to evaluate such property in the form of sets, which will save on this service.

As a result of the work of the appraiser, an official paper is drawn up in which the value of the property is written down and the corresponding stamp is put. Please note that a professional appraiser (both a company and an individual can play the role of it) must have a license, otherwise the document drawn up will be invalid.