Shipping Policy

Our shipping Policy

Please, for tracking purposes go to the tracking section. For accurate timetables on orders, please click here (not applicable for wholesale, for wholesale contact us)

Shipping Services

We have 3 different shipping services depending on time:

1) EMS (Express Mail Service): it takes 4 to 5 business days after shipment.
2) Traditional Service: it takes 8 to 10 business days after shipment.
3) Economic Service: it takes 18 to 20 business days after shipment.

Important Note: each service includes a tracking number to follow it up online. The dispatch or the package sending takes 2 or 3 business days, please take notice of this extra time and be aware, because the delivery may take longer

Shipping Costs and Weight

Shipping costs are based directly on

i) the total weight of the items (a small tare applies) and
ii) the shipping service you choose (see above)

Please consider the following weights:

i) For 500 ml bottles, 900 g
ii) For 750 ml bottles (varies), 1300 g
iii) Tare of plastic and cardboard, 500 g

All shipping costs are automatically calculated by our online system. The approximate shipping costs are the following (we do not include Express Mail Service).

America (Traditional)
Rest of the World
America (Economic)
Rest of the World
0 - 1000
USD 29
USD 30
USD 24
USD 28
1001 -2000
USD 35
USD 38
USD 30
USD 36
2001 -3000
USD 41
USD 64
USD 32
USD 40
3001 -5000
USD 59
USD 82
USD 40
USD 52
5001 -10000
USD 96
USD 123
USD 58
USD 86
10001 -15000
USD 136
USD 191
USD 86
USD 115
15001 -20000
USD 163
USD 245
USD 115
USD 143

You could estimate your shipping costs online more accurate by going to the store section and as you are adding items to the shopping cart click on "Estimate Shipping Costs" under the items total, a pop-up window will appear, choose your country and the exact costs will show, this step is prior to the registration.

Shipping Destinations

We ship worldwide excepting countries where is not allowed to ship through P.O. mail like Canada. See more.

Orders Lost

We ship all orders through our Peruvian Post Office Agency - Serpost, it is a trusty national entity. We have not lost any order working with them. They send the package to the different local P.O. agencies around the world. In USA, its USPS, in Spain is, etc. It is common a little delay around 2 to 3 business days because of customs and national holidays.

We have received few complains from customers who have not received theirs orders especially because the packages take a little more time in customs. Please check your customs policies prior to make any order with us. Thank you. If you think that your order have lost, please contact us. We may refund your money but after we start the formal complain in Serpost Peru.

Damaged Orders in Shipping

We ship carefully all our orders to prevent they arrived damaged. We do not cover any damaged bottles at the time. To see the wrapping process and photos click here. We have received few complains from customers who have received broken bottles in any time. We may start a formal complaint to our local Post Office agency to get the money insurance but this process could take as long as 1 month, at this time we will refund that money for as many broken bottles are.

Customs, Tariffs & Fees

The order may be liable to pay tariffs at customs. We ship orders as "personal gifts" trying to avoid customs but this action does not guarantee that they will not. Usually many mail companies inform the customers through a mail or phone call for paying the liable tariffs fees or any others. We are going to send you a tracking number to follow the order up online. Usually the Post Office Mail Companies retain the package for 1 week, sometimes less time.

If you need to pay tariffs, it's possible you have to go to a local office to pick it up personally, sometimes they will go to your location, it depends on the country. We are not responsible if you do not pick the order up in a properly time and the package is send back to our store.


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