Pisco Sour

What is Pisco Sour?

Pisco Sour is a cocktail containing a mixture of pisco, lemons, eggs, syrup and bitters. It was invented by Victor Morris in downtown Lima (capital of Peru) in late 20's. It's pretty popular in bars and restaurants because of its taste.


pisco sour glass

2 or 3 ice cubs
3 parts of Pisco
½ part of gum syrup
1 ½ parts lemon juice
1 egg white
1 - 2 tbspoon sugar

Method: Whip in cocktail shaker or mixer. Shake well (until ice is melted).
Glass: Cocktail or Champagne Flute
Garnishment: 2 to 4 drops of Bitter Angostura (optional)
Note: If you wishes a drier drink, just add more Pisco.



This drink is one of the world's great cocktails, it's the national drink in Peru, a delicious Pisco Sour can be tasted on bars and restaurants worldwide.

The first reference of this cocktail is found in the book “Lima, the City of Kings 1928-29”. Exactly 80 years ago, this drink figured in the list of beverages offered by The Morris Bar, a traditional and high-class establishment located in Jiron de la Union (a famous street) in downtown Lima. The entry in this book says: “Victor Morris, Morris Bar. Importer of all types of spirits, wines, beers, vodkas, spirits, of which there is a select assortment of the most exclusive and finest brands. This good-looking bar has been made famous for the delicious preparation of its Whisky and Pisco Sour, which authentic and well-branded spirits are used.”

Victor Morris adapted Pisco instead of Whisky in his whisky sour traditional recipe, and the results were magnificient. He made himself famous and his bar become one of the most visited of that time.

Afterwards, Hotel Maury in downtown Lima become famous for its shaking preparation of this extraordinary drink. Also, the Hotel Bolivar (now a shadow of its Victorian luxury but the bar / restaurant is worth a visit ) followed the fashion of this drink with its Catedral (Cathedral) which included a double measure of pure Pisco in the drink. The actress Ava Gardner visited Peru in those years and was seen dancing on the bar of the Hotel Bolivar after drinking some of these Cathedral Pisco Sours!!



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