The Value Of A Residential Property

For a reliable assessment of the value of a residential property, it is necessary to take into account many factors: the location and type of house, distance from the center, the presence of the yard and concierge at the entrance, etc. In addition, the residential property valuation report prepared by professional appraisers is an official document accepted for consideration by credit departments of banks, courts, other organizations and government agencies.

In connection with the development of mortgage lending in Russia, valuation of residential real estate has become one of the most popular types of valuation. 3 reasons why you should choose us:


the cost of valuation of a residential property is from 2,000 rubles.


the minimum time for the assessment of residential real estate (from 2 days).

The accuracy of our assessment of the residential property is much higher than in self-assessment. Given the cost of apartments in the Astrakhan region, additional accuracy can bring you additional income (or savings) of several thousand rubles..

Estimation of commercial real estate

We evaluate all types of commercial real estate. Quickly and for reasonable money. Many years of experience and impeccable business reputation – that is why our customers trust us. Choosing the company “Expert-Service”, you choose reliability and professionalism. Order an estimate from us and we will prove it!

The cost of capital invested in real estate changes over time under the influence of factors such as inflation, the demand for a particular type of property, physical, functional and economic depreciation. That is why when making a decision on investing in real estate, the evaluation of commercial real estate is of decisive importance. Commercial real estate is called real estate, which can generate income, in connection with which it is sometimes called profitable.

Very often, commercial real estate is an integral part of a property complex in business purchase and sale transactions, mergers and acquisitions.

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Why “Expert-Service”:

The specialists of our company have extensive experience in the assessment of commercial real estate. During the assessment, we take into account all factors affecting the value of your property, and form our conclusion based only on objective, complete, reliable and relevant information. For more information about the methods and approaches used in the evaluation of commercial real estate, you can find out by clicking on this link.

The cost of assessment services does not depend on the value of the object of evaluation. We count the cost of implementation of assessment projects on the basis of planned labor costs for high-quality work, based on our experience with similar projects.

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Real estate valuation:

Disputes related to the market value of real estate

Often, during the proceedings, the subject of which is real estate, disputes arise over the value of this real estate. Regardless of whether this dispute concerns the division of jointly acquired property, insurance payments, recovery of damages, privatization of real estate or foreclosure of an outstanding loan, in any case a court decision will be made on the basis of the value of the relevant real estate. Accordingly, the correct assessment of the value of real estate is the most important stage of the trial, directly affecting the interests of each of the parties in the case. In this case, the assessment of property is the right of citizens and organizations, and not an obligation.

In the Federal Law of July 29, 1998 No. 135-FZ (as amended on March 8, 2015) “On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation” (hereinafter referred to as the Law on Appraisal Activities), appraisal activities are understood as the professional activities of subjects of appraisal activities aimed at establishing in relation to objects of market valuation, cadastral or other value. In other words, valuation activity is the valuation of real estate by a qualified specialist (appraiser).