Tracking your Order


Tracking Instructions

When we have received an order from a customer, we attend the order the very next business day (Monday-Saturday except holidays). We send the packages through the Peruvian National Post Office Service (Serpost Peru - click here) and they are a serious state owned entity.

When you receive the tracking number you could follow the shipment online by going to

i) The Serpost website (Serpost Peru - click here) and click on "Seguimiento Track & Trace" (Track and Trace follow up) on the upper right side. You will get a pop-up window and you could type or paste the tracking number there. Click on "Ver informacion del Envío" (See the Shipment Info) and you will see the tracking results but unfortunately they are in Spanish. You could use this tool (Google Translator - click here) to get the translated results.

iii) You could verify your order by calling directly to Serpost from your country to 0051-1-511-5110 and providing them the tracking number but we know that it could be expensive and uncomfortable to do this. They only speak spanish.


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