Credit to participants in hostilities

Loan programs are available to combatants. List of banks in which you can count on favorable terms and benefits. Lending by right is one of the most popular banking products. For certain categories of citizens, programs are also being developed that make it possible to borrow on more favorable terms. Participants and va home loans for veterans of combat operations can take advantage of this opportunity. In this case, you need to carefully study the issue in order to choose the optimal, profitable option.

Credit for war veterans

Very often veterans and participants in hostilities have a disability, which implies that there are difficulties in obtaining a loan. Financial and credit organizations are interested in attracting paying customers, which is not always possible to say about va home loans for veterans of military operations. That is why banks do not create separate programs for this category of citizens. But, some institutions offer options that provide for bail or surety. Sometimes such a proposal is an excellent solution to the problem.

Veterans and combatants can count only on support shares that can be provided by former or current employers. Also, Russian legislation provides for preferential conditions for the acquisition or construction of housing by war veterans.

Credit to military pensioners

At the moment, banks do not create special programs for military pensioners. You can choose a loan as an ordinary person of retirement age. But, in this category of people there are some advantages that will help you get a loan:

Young age – as a rule the military retire quite early, sometimes at 45 years old the person is already a pensioner. In turn, banks issue loans to people who at the time of return should be no more than 65 years (in some cases, 75 years);

Military pension – this is a guarantee of the citizen’s solvency, it is also worth noting that such pension payments may be more than for ordinary citizens. In addition, based on income, a person can expect a large loan amount;

Additional income – also a person can still work, so the level of solvency in the eyes of creditors also increases.

Thus, a military pensioner can, on favorable terms, take advantage of the various lending programs provided by the country’s banking institutions.

Privileged loan to military pensioners

There is also an option that stipulates that a certain organization or state may grant benefits to repay the loan. In this case, the veteran of the hostilities must specify in advance the possibility of granting such a soft loan. To do this, you can also contact the appropriate authorities or queue up. Very often without government support, the probability of obtaining a loan on preferential terms is reduced.


A war veteran can take advantage of conventional lending programs. At the same time, he can provide a military ticket to the main package of documents, in some cases a banking institution can offer more favorable conditions. It is also necessary to collect all the documents that are confirming that a person is a veteran.

The general requirements for granting loans are:

  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • Permanent or temporary registration in the territory of Russia;
  • Providing a document confirming the identity of a person;
  • Age from 21 to 65 (75) years (this aspect needs to be specified in a specific bank);
  • A certificate confirming the financial situation of a person;
  • It is desirable to have a positive credit history.

In most cases, the loan is granted for up to 5 years. The loan currency is Russian rubles. The amount of the loan is established by a credit commission, which analyzes all sources of income. If a person wants to increase the probability of obtaining a loan, then it is possible to avail secured loans. There is a possibility of a loan under bail or bail.

List of Banks

One of the Russian banks that provide special credit conditions for the military is the Savings Bank of Russia. The only condition is that a person is a participant in the NIS program or a funded mortgage system. In this case, you can count on the interest rate of 13.5% (with collateral) and 14.5% (without collateral). The loan is calculated for a period of 5 years. This option provides for an additional loan to an existing mortgage.

Military pensioners can use credit programs in banks that offer options for people of retirement age. Such loans are offered by the following credit and financial organizations:

  1. Sberbank;
  2. Rosselkhozbank;
  3. Sovcombank;
  4. Renaissance Credit and others.

To date, there is no special, separate program for lending war
va home loans for veterans. This category of citizens can use the offers on general terms. In doing so, it is necessary to carefully read the main conditions that banks offer. Also, for help, you can turn to a professional credit broker who will consult on the main credit programs – leave an application for a loan.