STARTED ON THE INTERNET Search Engine Marketing

When we start on the Houston internet marketing agency we do not know all the tricks of the trade, and in front of the plethora of choices, methods, advice … we are often lost, and it is often the system of the tests / errors which predominates ..

But by doing that, you lose time and money.

That’s why I gathered the 103 essential tips that can be used both for beginners who want to embark on eMarketing Web Pros to remember the fundamentals …

The main topics are:

– How to earn (correctly) one’s life through the Internet?

– How to become an influential blogger … or at least succeed a niche blog?

– The mistakes of beginners in SEO.

– The classic errors on the generation of traffic.

– How to develop your business on the Internet?

Initially it is an adaptation of the article of Le Di Milo, but we have considerably improved by adding the 15 years of experience of on the Web (1999 …!) And by removing the advice unsuited to the French market or mentality.

1 – Earn a little money thanks to the Houston internet marketing agency is very easy … In living is something else!

It’s within the reach of everyone to make money on the Internet .

Just launch a blog, put some Adsense ads … publish a few articles (at first 1 a day then 1 a week) … and without too much trouble you will win 20 to 50 € / month.

On the other hand live through the Houston internet marketing agency when you are not a service provider (developer, SEO, Web Designer …) and his site serves as a showcase for its services,  it’s another pair of sleeves !

This is especially true in France where the advertising market is less important than in the US : sponsored articles, file rentals, advertising banners … are paid less in France (usually a sponsored article is paid between 45 to 100 € according to the blog , 350 to 1000 € or more for Web Stars .

For example on a sponsored article costs 350 €, but this price is justified.

Because it includes:

Word writing (minimum 2h, often 3h) with the creation / search of illustrations

Validation and modifications by the advertiser (30 minutes to 1h)

Uploading (30 minutes)

The automatic relay on the Twitter / Facebook / Linkedin account …

A link on the site

There is therefore the time spent writing the article (in France it is necessary to charge a minimum of 450 € / day in view of the charges), so at the rate of 4 hours to write an article, the cost of your time is already 225 € HT .

There are certainly a few bloggers and Youtubers who live on their blogs and YouTube channels 100% without performing services next, but this is the exception.

Indeed for a YouTube channel, it takes 1 € per 1000 views.

So if you make 10,000 views on your Youtube account every month, you will only earn $ 10 in advertising revenue …

This proves that you must have additional sources of income to live properly on your blog.

For example around 2008, Stagueve of NowhereElse claimed to earn almost the SMIC by devoting his days and nights …

So how to make money?

You have to sell products and services … it can be your own services, or your products (eg eBooks, video training …) or build a blog that will serve your business (eg an eCommerce site).

Can we also live only with a Facebook Page?

Yes, because it is a crossroads of audience with more than 26 million Internet marketing  users, and so we can offer products, affiliations, services … via its Fan page.

However do not forget that you do not own your Facebook Page, it can be closed overnight, but you also can not afford to contact users (except by paying!).

So even if you have a Facebook Fan page, you still need to get the coordinates (emails, SMS …) to be master of the communication.

And the Gurus who explain to you how to mak