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Shipment Timetables

Please visit our tracking section - click here if you want to track your package online - follow it up. If you have not received your tracking number, please request it clicking at contact us.

This section is to provide shipment timetables and details (photos included). For more information visit the shipping section.

Here is our timetables and the Peruvian Post Office Agency (Serpost Peru)

1) Usually we give (dispatch) the package the next business day we receive the pisco order to Serpost Peru and we receive a tracking number to follow the shipment ongoing online. All packages have a tracking number because they are under an insurance.

2) Serpost Peru includes this tracking number the next business day to theirs online system. Usually, the same day or week (depending on the order shipping service) the package gets into the airplane to the destination.

3) We usually send this tracking number as soon as possible but due to our proper duty we could take more time to do it. Please, be free to contact us if you have not received and you want it. You can request the scanned Post Office invoice that we received when we dispatch the pisco package for your records.

For more information about shipment services and its timetables, visit shipping section.

Packaging Wrapping Details

1) We take the pisco bottles and we use a bubble wrap. We wrap the pisco bottle around several times with this paper and we seal it with sticky tape.

2) We use a thick cardboard box and we fill with expanded polystyrene (EPS) sheets in the walls.

pisco order 1

pisco order 2

pisco order 3








3) We introduce each bottle in different locations into the box. And we cover with other expanded polystyrene sheet.

4) We cover up and seal the box with sticky tape. At this time we stick the packing slip at one side of the box and fill the paper with the customer data information.

pisco order 4

pisco order 5

pisco order 6








5) And it is ready to go and give it to the Post Office Agency personal.

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