The Tilting Opening Of A Window – Roller Shades For Windows

The tilting opening of a window is based on the principle of rotation. The window projects inwards or outwards. This type of opening is widespread outside France. In France, we are used to this type of rotation opening for roof windows.

Moreover, the Velux is a roof window widespread in France. You will have the choice of an opening by projection or by rotation. The principle of opening by rotation is from top to bottom. The principle of opening by projection is to the outside. Check our new window roller shades in Houston

The bellows window

  • Remember the tilt-and-turn window that offers two types of opening:
  • On the horizontal axis: to intersect the window on the top.
  • On the vertical axis: to open the window large in a conventional way.

A bellows window only provides an opening on a vertical axis. This type of opening can only interfere on its upper part. Ideal for bathrooms or small rooms, these bellows windows provide daylight and good ventilation of the room in question.

The opening in English and in Italian

If the opening to the French is the most widespread in France, it is not only France who gave his name to a type of opening. English and Italian have also given their names.

Thus, the window opening to the English looks to be mistaken for the opening to the French. The only difference between the two is still big. Indeed, the opening to English is also on a vertical axis but outward housing contrary to the opening to the French which is done inside. This mechanism creates risks for the opening and closing of the window.

Finally, the opening to the Italian is done on a horizontal axis by projecting the lower part of the window towards the outside of the housing.

Other types of window opening.

In French homes, the two main types of window openings remain the French-style opening and the swinging turret. On the other hand, although rarer, there are other types of window openings.

The sash window.

As its name suggests, the sash window allows the opening of the window on a vertical axis, from bottom to top. From its French origin, the sash window is no longer relevant in France but it has found a new breath in the Anglo-Saxon countries. In addition, the arrival of double glazed windows makes this mechanism difficult by the weight of the glazing.

Price of a manual window roller shades in Houston

To equip a 120 × 120 cm window with PVC or aluminum shutters, the price of a manual shutter will be between $ 150 and $ 500.

The price will vary according to the quality of the models. Aluminum is generally more expensive but some PVC models exceed the price of an aluminum roller shutter.

Price of an electric roller shutter

The price of electric shutters is higher than that of manually operated roller shutters, because of the additional cost of the motorization system. Thus, for our example above, in the price of an electric shutter, it takes between 100 and 400 $ extra (depending on the sophistication of the chosen system). Some high-end models with ingenious drive and control systems will be worth more.

Price of laying an electric window roller shades in Houston

If you do not feel able to do the installation work, be aware that the price of installing a roller shutter done by a professional is not excessive.

Find in the following article more information about the price of a rolling shutter.

If you call a professional, it will take about 100 $ HT per component. In the case of installation of electric shutters, you will need to call an electrician to make the electrical connection and additional costs will be expected.